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Race to the Top of Local Search Engine Results for Your Multi Location Business

In summer of 2014, Google announced the Pigeon Update for its Google search algorithm. The new update caused a sea change in local search results as this update made organic search optimization important for the best results for a local search.

Rich Snippets increase your click through rates! Understanding and Leveraging Structured Data to Dominate Your Industry

Web experts are familiar with the term “Rich Snippets” yet the average website owner might not understand what the term means and why it is so important.

It's Essential for You to Implement Long-Tail Keywords: Here's Why And Exactly How

Google is always the force you monitor as you make changes to your keyword strategy, and the launch of RankBrain only solidifies the need to do so. In fact, it has been labeled one of the most influential ranking signal in terms of search engine results.

It's all about the Brand

If there is one mistake that new business owners make, it is thinking that the internet can make all of their branding problems go away.

Prepping your Site for 2017: A SEO Checklist

Since the concept of search engine optimization became a necessary website discipline, the practice of SEO has evolved into a complex and constantly changing discipline.

How To Get Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages Now

Accelerated Mobile Pages are Google and Twitter's latest option to get information to your mobile audience even faster. By eliminating some of the more complicated aspects of web page development, essentially boiling HTML down to its most necessary components, you can start loading information up on current events with practically no delay.  We'll tell you more about the background and how to get started, so you stay in the game. 

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